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Insurance and Reinsurance

We have a longstanding reputation in the insurance and reinsurance arena and we have forged strong relationships with leading local and international general insurers and reinsurers.

Our team of lawyers have, in our insurance and reinsurance litigation practice, have represented various interests in disputes concerning, amongst others, 

  • The scope of the duty to follow a cedent's settlements

  • Aggregation of multiple losses

  • Interpretation of aggregate extension clauses

  • Allocation of losses to multiple reinsurance contracts

  • Construction of extended expiration clauses

  • Coverage for extra-contractual liability

  • Declaratory judgment expenses

  • Interpretation of reinstatement clauses

  • Potential liability of reinsurers to original policyholder

We have also acted in advisory capacities in non-contentious matters and are also regularly consulted on corporate and product development, underwriting, claims procedures, and claims protocols.

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