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Commercial Arbitration 

Our wealth of experience in alternative dispute resolution methodology allows us to favourably resolve legal problems for our clients outside the court room.

A key component of any successful litigation practice is the ability to assist clients in solving both
commercial and legal disputes efficiently while managing their litigation costs. To this end, the lawyers at Gurbani & Co are skilled advocates with extensive experience in the use of the various dispute resolution mechanisms available to achieve the desired outcome for clients.

Our legal team boasts counsel and arbitrators alike: our R Govintharasah has more than 32 years of experience as a litigator and arbitrator. Also managing director of Gurbani & Co, he acts as lead counsel in civil litigation and international arbitration, and occasionally as arbitrator, in disputes involving insurance, including marine insurance, carriage of goods by sea, air and land, freight forwarding, international trade and investments, infrastructure construction projects, shipbuilding/sales, rig construction/sales, chartering, and all types of shipping casualties.

Our Ang Yong Tong is also a director of Gurbani & Co who specialises in international commercial arbitration cases. He acts as an arbitration attorney or arbitrator in multiple international cases. His practice focuses on international trade, transnational financing, construction, hydropower projects, real estate development, shareholders, investment, product liability, guarantee, debt, and employment disputes. Yong Tong was previously based in Shanghai (2004-2016), where he handled arbitration cases as counsel/arbitrator and also provided legal advice.

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